Wheelchair Vans for All

Wheelchair Accessible VansLets face it. Wheelchair Vans are expensive to buy, and expensive to maintain.The very people who most need a wheelchair van are often the ones who can least afford it. Wheelchair Vans for All is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the disabled community who needs wheelchair transportation. By donating your wheelchair van, you not only get tax credits, you are also helping others.

When you donate your used wheelchair van, Wheelchair Vans for All will first evaluate it’s condition, provide to you a receipt for the fair market value of the vehicle. We then use the proceeds from the sale of the vehicle to create a ZERO or low interest loan program to families who are unable to qualify for financing due to medical bankruptcies, job loss, or fixed incomes.

Why a loan program vs a direct donation of the Van? Simple. We believe that something paid for is valued more than something given for free. This ensures that your gift isn’t being abused or neglected. In addition, your gift keeps on giving! The money we receive as loan payments is recycled back into additional loans, so the value of your donation doesn’t help just one family, one time. It helps many of the years to come.

We also accept as donations your non-converted vehicles, real estate, trusts, and monetary donations.


Sprinter Wheelchair Converted Van
Rear Entry Handicap Accessible Van
Lowered Floor Minivan Wheelchair Accessible
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